Italian Professional Coach Association

established from the need of many professional coaches to share and exchange experiences, learn and find together a common way to developp coaching method, approach and best practice also by research aimed to widespread and promote coaching culture in Italy.

Develop Methodology, research and philosophy of coaching culture expanging different coaching experiences and best practice

Promote research, learnng training and  diffusion of coaching in Italy

Organize membership star-up activities for the set-up of professional standards and for the benefit of coachees clients

Do you want to be a professional Coach?

To contribute in a life long self-determination and development process, for people or corporations, is an exciting experience, where responsability and passion come along together.

Coaching is first of all a way of living (a philosophy of life) based on the respect of human being, in accordance with its full potential, trust, hope and self-determination, that are skills to be trained.

Would you be interested in coaching, please find useful nformation here below

Join AICP (Italian Professional Coach Association)

Let’s develop coaching and let it flourish together

Coaching is a new and young profession rich in creativity, joy, enthusiasm and vulnerability that needs your support to develop its full potential. Share your passion and engagement with other people that still want to change the world.

What we can do together:

  • work on your personal life long self-development

  • exchange experience and inforation and traing practice

  • contribute to improve a creative and thriving profession

  • active participation in local projects of coaching


You can work on your soft skills competences

Local Coaching Clubs arrange monthly meetings to share common coaching experience and practice to work with collegues on soft skills competences.

Your profile will be presented in national AICP website

Each member coach has a personal area to manage and present its professional information, its job description

To join AICP is  a protection for each member coach

and its clients working in the respect of Coaching Global Coade of Ethics and Ethichs Charter in accordance with principles of transparency, professional standards and mutual benefit between coach and coachee.

During the year, each Coaching Club organize training sessions both local and nationl events for professional continuing education and start-up workshops.

Coaching as a new profession is evolving also in its legal and law aspects. In Italy Coaching is regulated underLaw of January 14, 2013, 4 – Official Gazette Year 154, n. “Rules and dispositions for free activities not organized in boards or professional colleges”. Coaching UNI law on Coaching (not mandatory) definition, classification, common aspects and requirements of coaching- has been approved in 2015, Nov.13. From then on, AICP works together with other professional Coaching associations such as ICF, EMCC, SCP, ITALY and WABC.

Each local member coach can organize activities aimed to promote and develop coaching culture and method, supported by AICP

AICP members can join scientific reseaarch and studies on practice of coaching and present its results.

you can freely join and create a practice community

if you want to share experiences and best practice of different approach, such as sport, life, business, team, group, parent and corporate coaching.