AICP – Who we are

AICP was born in 2009 in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy. A bunch of about thirty forward-looking coaches got together and laid the foundation of the Association, with the vision of contributing to the happiness of society through the discovery and training of human potentials and by having into great consideration the individuals, the community and the common good. They had clear in their minds that this could only happen with cooperation and mutual support. They stated that the Association had to be deeply rooted in the culture and in the society where everyone lives and works.

Today AICP is the most numerous Association of Professional Coaches in Italy with about 700 members all arond Italy. Our distinctive feature is the regional Coaching Club: we are organized in regional groups of members that, arising locally, concretely constitute the association, with the guidance of a national executive board.

We organize educational events and open forums at a regional and national levels; we furthermore provide members with ongoing training. We participate in the Scientific Research through our partnerships with Universities.

Together with ICF Italy, EMCC Italy and SCP Italy, we are seated at a roundtable with the aim of making professional and quality coaching in Italy more and more recognized by national institutions. Thanks to AICP contribution to the work of the UNI (the Italian national institution for regulation), in 2015 a regulation for Coaching services was released and a new regulation on professional competences is ready to become official this year, offering clients a stronger reference point.

We are signatory of the Global Code of Ethics.

While strenghtening our identity and allowing many coaches to develope themselves and their professions, we keep looking beyond the national borders willing to know, learn and share, by creating mutually nourishing connections and partnerships.